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Bracelet Resizing Service - 14K Gold Bracelets

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Has your child outgrown their bracelet? Once we receive your bracelet our professional jewelry designers will clean and restring it back to beautiful!

(Resizing Services are excluded from any promotions or discounts)

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Because her jewelry can grow with her, your little girl never has to say goodbye to her precious bracelet! If it has been over 30 days since your bracelet order, you are in the right place!
*If it has been less than 30 Days since your bracelet order, please Click Here

How It Works:
  • Place your Resize Service order.
  • Carefully package and ship your bracelet to us. (Damage or loss during shipping is the sole responsibility of the customer.)

    Shipping Your Bracelet to Us:
    Download the document below for instructions on how to package and ship your bracelet back to us:
    How to Package Your Bracelet for Resizing

    Our Address:
    R. Vicenzi, Inc.
    466 E 1750 N
    Ste A
    Vineyard, UT 84059
  • Professionally clean and polish your bracelet.
  • Repair or replace any damaged components (Components that are lost, missing, or have normal wear and tear are not covered.)
  • Restring onto a new, longer wire, adding appropriate amount of beads to reach the increased length ordered. (Some components will be replaced with larger ones to create a bracelet beautifully designed for that size.)
  • Add any additional charms ordered in the Resizing Service.
  • Packaged in our FREE gorgeous gift wrapping and shipped back to you.
Please Note:
Wire can stretch over time. If your bracelet has stretched, and therefore has extra length that is not filled with beads, the cost of the beads to fill the gap is not covered, and is the responsibility of the customer.

Bracelets that qualify for Resizing Service:
Beaded bracelets
Bracelets that DO NOT qualify for Resizing Service:
Engraved ID bracelet, charm bracelet (See images above for examples)

Wrist Measurement & Bracelet-Size Increase Recommendations:
*Measure your child’s wrist (skin-tight on the smallest part of their wrist) with a flexible at-home tape measure, or download and print off our Wrist Sizing Tool

For wrists measuring 5” or below: Bracelet size should be 0.25 - 0.5 inch larger than wrist measurement.
For wrists measuring 5.25” to 6.0”: Bracelet size should be 0.5 - 0.75 inch larger than wrist measurement.
For wrists measuring 6.25” and up: Bracelet size should be 0.75 - 1.0 inch larger than wrist measurement.

Average Bracelet Sizes:
(Remember, every child is unique and grows at their own rate. Even petite children can have average to above-average sized wrists. The following list is only a general reference. Measuring the child’s wrist is always the best way to ensure a perfect fit.)

4.5 Inches (3 - 9 Months)
5.0 Inches (9 - 18 Months)
5.5 Inches (18 Months - 4 Years)
6.0 Inches (4 - 7 Years)
6.25 Inches (7 - 10 Years)
6.5 Inches (10 - 14 Years)
6.75 Inches (14 Years - Adult SM.)
7.0 Inches (Adult SM)
7.25 Inches (Adult MED)
7.5 Inches (Adult LG)
7.75 Inches (Adult XL)
8.0 Inches (Adult 2XL)
*Sizes listed above are for girls. On average, a boy’s wrist will be .25” larger than a girl’s of the same age.

Did you know? Even 0.25" can make a big difference on a kid’s tiny wrist! Measuring their wrist before placing your order is strongly recommended. We want your little one to have a perfect and comfortable fit with room to grow! (eg. a 5.0” bracelet may fit a 9-month old baby, and a 5.25” bracelet may fit a 2-year old child.)


  • Only Safe and Hypoallergenic Materials Safety First
  • Professional Cleaning & Restringing by Skilled Jewelry Designers
  • Repair & Replacement of Damaged Components (Lost or missing parts will not be replaced)
  • 30-Day Perfect Fit Guarantee
  • Up to 10 Business-Day processing Time (Once we receive your bracelet)


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