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Christening & Baptism

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Christening & Baptism

Gifts can include anything of religious significance and are usually presented to the child on the day of the Christening. Whether from the child's Godparents, Grandparents, or parents, many people choose a keepsake gift that can be with them forever. Jewelry makes for a good keepsake gift because it is made of precious metals (the child is precious), can be personalized with initials, name, or monogram, and bracelets can be adjusted in size as the child grows. Rings may also be resized by a local jeweler or added to a silver or gold chain as a keepsake necklace. Gold earrings also make a great Baptism gift as they can be worn into adulthood, as long as they are a simple and classic design.


A Christening or Baptism is a Christian religious ceremony which uses water to immerse or cover the child or person, also know as "annointing", and in so doing wash away sin and make pure, and to initiate as a follower, or disciple of Jesus Christ and his gospel.

Is Baptism Necessary?

Baptism has been nearly universally understood as necessary for salvation, even so that Jesus Christ himself, whom was without sin, was baptized by John the Baptist in the river Jordan. In the New Testament, John the Baptist also spoke of a Baptism of Fire, which would be given, to those who were baptized, by Jesus Christ. This is interpreted to mean by some christians as the gift of the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost.

Special Clothes are Worn at a Baptism or Christening.

One usually wears specific clothing, nearly always white to signify purity, which may include robes, gowns, or white pants and shirt. This same type of clothing will also be worn later in their spiritual progression for the child's First Communion.


The purifying ceremony of Baptism or Christening does, in some denominations, also include the naming of the child. Though churches vary in belief and administration of the sacrament of Baptism, nearly all practice this holy ordinance and believe that grace through the atonement of Jesus Christ, and after a trial of their faith in this lifetime, will save them into the kingdom of God.