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Head in the Clouds, Sterling Silver and Light Blue Opal Glass Faceted Round - Children's Adoré™ Charm

100% of 100
For every little girl staring at the clouds and lost in her imagination of what she sees, this beautiful sky blue charm has the airy spirit of your lighthearted little daydreamer!


"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." - Albert Einstein
Made with only quality materials, 100% sterling silver accents this multi faceted glass charm in an airy, light blue opal color. The imagination of a child is as pure and spirited as this sky blue charm, and unique only to

The Adoré™ Collection for Children
Your little girl can design her gift and interchange her charms to her heart's desire. Each bead and charm tells the story of everything that makes her who she is and everything you love about her. Presented with an Adoré™ Collector Card, you can be assured that she will love this new addition to her Adoré™ Bracelet!


  • 100% Solid Sterling Silver
  • Colored Multi-Faceted Glass
  • Exclusive Designs & Sizes, a Custom Collection made just for children
  • Adoré™ Collector Card
  • 1 Year Warranty
Width: 5/16" (8.5mm)
Height: 11/32" (9mm)


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As with all luxury brands, there are many imitations made to look like the Tiny Blessings brand. Our profound commitment to high quality is unparalleled, using only the finest and purest gems, gold and silver, all while upholding vigorous safety standards. Our passion and vision for meaningful, heart-felt keepsake gifts for your little ones has allowed Tiny Blessings to become the most trusted designer of children's jewelry for over two decades.

Original jewelry designs copyrighted by R. Vicenzi.