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Pearl Options for Mother's Bracelets

This Option is Standard

Swarovski Pearls

Swarovski Crystal Pearls are faux (fake) pearls made of very high quality. These pearls are used world-wide in high-end jewelry where real pearls are not cost effective. These pearls are perfect shape, perfectly matching in color, and have a weighty crystal core that makes them feel more like real pearls than any others.


The Following Options are Available for an Additional Cost

Real Cultured Pearls

You have the option of upgrading your pearls to our real cultured pearls, AAA-Grade in Round or Perfect Round shape. The bracelet comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that states the pearls are real and of this high grade. If you have any questions about the quality of our pearls, please read our article: Pearl Quality Education, it will tell you exactly what quality you are getting here at Tiny Blessings (the highest). This article will also show you the difference between Round and Perfect Round shapes, but for the most part they are very hard to tell the difference to the untrained eye, and most people choose the Round shape. But, if you want the very best, we have it for you in our Perfect Round shape. For a fun story about our Perfect Round shaped pearls read below.

The Perfect Round Pearl Contraversy

In nearly all occasions, the pearl farm prepares the perfect round, grade AAA pearls by drilling them half way through, this way the jeweler does not need to drill the pearl prior to setting it on a post for use on a pendant, or a ring. When we asked the farm to please re-drill them all the way through (so we could string them on a bracelet) they were very confused. "No, you want the pearl strands, these perfect round pearls are for pendants, rings, and earrings" they told us, but we told them we wanted the very best quality and in the perfect round shape to offer to our customers. So after a little reassurance, they went ahead and drilled them all the way through for us to offer to our customers. We are the only buyer who requests this from our pearl farm.

Mother's Bracelets Pearl Options