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Christening & Baptism Necklaces

Christening & Baptism Necklaces

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Necklaces & Pendants

What could be more personal than a gift given at their Christening or Baptism? These quality necklaces can add to the beauty of these magnificent, once in a lifetime, events. Personalize some of our sterling silver pendants with their name and on the back engrave the date of their occasion so they can always remember the purpose and importance of that time in their life. Pendants are made of 14k gold, white gold, or sterling silver so your gift can become that precious heirloom that they will keep with them always.

On such a special occasion as a christening or baptism, adorn your child with a necklace that makes them look and feel no less than divine. Tiny Blessings provides only the highest quality products made from 100% Sterling silver and 14K gold..