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Christening & Baptism Bracelets

Christening & Baptism Bracelets

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Christening and Baptism Bracelets

Our beautiful and personalized bracelets for christening and baptism are perfect for the special day in your child’s life. An elegant keepsake to cherish for a lifetime, to always remember their one special day. And of course our bracelets are made with only the highest quality materials like Sterling silver and 100% 14K gold, so you will know they will remain classic, stylish and sparkling for the rest of your child’s life.

A Christening or a Baptism can be a very special moment in a child's life that is only going to happen once. This is the time to make it extra special, including the addition of a bracelet. Bracelet can be blessed and worn by the child everyday or on special occasions, and remember all of our bracelets can be sent back to be resized at a later date when the child grows out of it. This is a gift they could have with them their entire life.

Please Note: The bracelets shown here have been specifically selected as christening and baptism gifts, but ANY of our bracelets can have a cross charm added to make them a perfect gift for christening or baptism.