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Choosing the Best Christening Gift

What makes for a great christening or baptism gift?

There are several important factors that go into purchasing the perfect christening or baptism gift, none of which should be overlooked. Questions like "Is this gift appropriate for the occasion?", "How much use will they get out of this gift?", and "Does personalization help make the gift more cherished?" should all be asked and answered before you go forward in buying the gift, whether for a newborn, baby, or toddler. Other important factors include whether the gift will be treasured as a keepsake, and the uniqueness of the gift (whether the parents will be moved by the special impact of the gift).


When choosing a gift for this special occasion, it must first be appropriate. How do you know if a gift is appropriate? An appropriate gift will show the parents you understand their family and what they want for the future of the child. This may include religious upbringing, close family support, rich cultural foundation, and physical and moral standards. Personalization like engraving can add small messages to be remembered. Here at we have pendants with engraving options that serve this purpose well.


A Christening or Baptism ceremony is a once in a lifetime event. Parents and family usually make certain to document this event with photographs, blog entries, social website posts, scrapbooks, and journal entries, all to preserve the memory of the day and its meaning for the baby, parents, and godparents. A keepsake gift is one that specifically links itself to an event or time in one's life that can be foundly remembered (a memory) of significant importance. Keepsake gifts can be used once and then displayed on a wall or frame for remembrance, or they can be used for years, and kept close as a daily reminder of the promises and support vowed at the ceremony in which the child was christened or baptised.

Amount of Use

Many gifts can only be used once, or are often used only once, these type of gifts are great, but leave little impact on the child or the parents soon after the event. Special gifts such as jewelry can be used not only on the day of the event, but used as often as daily or weekly for years and years to come. These pieces of jewelry can even be cherished for a lifetime as they are used on the child's First Communion and even on their Wedding Day. Do not underestimate the power of this type of gift, it has meaning that can create lifelong memories and relationships between the giver and recipient.


Do you love to give a gift that is unique, maybe no one else has seen or maybe even thought to give? Although jewelry is a well-known, fabulous gift, the gifting of personalized, high-quality jewelry often is too expensive or takes too long to recieve for last-minute gift givers, which happens to be a lot of people. Here at we have made it easier to give personalized, highest-quality jewelry for Christening and Baptism ceremonies by making it not only priced right, but also making it available quickly, even available to be overnighted for you to recieve tomorrow! Yes, personalized items you can have tomorrow! See our Shipping Options page for more information on shipping times. If you would like a shipping quote, simply place a item in the shopping cart and on the shopping cart page you will find a "Estimate Shipping" box that will estimate your cost for all the options available to you whether you are located here in the United States or Internationally.


Does personalization make a difference when choosing a gift? Absolutely! Anyone can go out and buy a product off the shelf, only those who care and think enough will go out of their way to get a gift personalized. Don't think you wouldn't rather get a gift for your new baby that was personalized, it simply makes it sweeter and more meaningful. If you need to get a "special" gift, like one for a Baptism, do not think twice about getting a personalized gift, it makes all the difference in the world.