Our Most Popular and Unique Gift Ideas

Newborn or Baby

Wow, there is nothing sweeter than a newborn baby. Our most popular gift for a newborn or baby up to 18 months has to be a bracelet. Whether or not it is personalized with their name depends on many factors, like age, length of the child's name, and how much of the bracelet design you want to have showing. Taking in these factors you may choose to pick a non-personalized designer bracelet, or may choose only to add the child's initials instead of a long name. Here are our recommendations for how many letters you should use based on these smaller sizes:

Size of Bracelet / Recommended Max. Number of Letters

3.5 inches (newborn, 8 lbs.) - 3 letters
3.75 inches (newborn, 10 lbs.) - 4 letters
4.0 inches (newborn, 12 lbs.) - 5 letters
4.25 inches (newborn, 15 lbs.) - 6 letters
4.5 inches (3 - 9 months) - 7 letters
5.0 inches (9 - 18 months) - 8 letters

On each product page in the "Order" section, you will find a link to the wrist sizing guide, but we have provided this link here as well for your convenience. Our age ranges in parantheses next to each size are approximate, but are great for when you can't take a measurement of the child's wrist because they are not with you.

Tickled Pink Children's Bracelet from our "Sweet & Sassy" Collection
A popular choice, especially so for newborns and babies up to the age of 18 months. A very sweet look.

Toddler or Child

There is a wide range of gift ideas for toddlers and children of all ages, the only hiderence is your imagination. We have our extremely popular bracelet collections by R. Vicenzi which have always been our most popular children's gifts. New at TinyBlessings.com, we would like to introduce our line of pendants, with a unique new idea, Design Your Own Unique Children's Personalized Pendant grouping. We have combined over 20 different adorable pendants, some are engravable, for you to choose from to create your very own look for the one you love. Personalization is our specialty and continues to be at the very core of what we are trying to give our customers - something you simply can't find anywhere else, with unmatched personalization options, that will make a undeniable impression on a young child.


We know deciding on a gift for a teenager can be extremely difficult and that is why there is a whole page dedicated just for this task. Please see it at this link: The Perfect Gifts for Teenagers


Moms are never overlooked here at TinyBlessings.com. We have dedicated a great amount of effort in to creating and maintaining a line of Mother's bracelets that are simply unmatched in design look and quality. Mother's Bracelets