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Designer Pet ID Tags for Dogs and Cats

Stylish Pet ID Tags & Jewelry for Pets!

Dogs and cats everywhere are begging for these new, designer pet ID tags, and now you can share your style with them by creating your pet's id tag with completely customized designer engraving options. Isn't Your Dog Worth It? You know they are, so don't delay, your pet's style needs a makeover from BrassPaw.com today.

Is your pet a “Brass Paw Pet”?
Take our test and find out, click here.

Pet ID Tags
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Exclusive Designer Shapes
Pet ID Tags
Wow! 5 fresh and exciting, new pet id tag shapes, that you simply won't find anywhere else. Now these pet tags are completely unique!

Sterling Silver & Solid Crystal
Pet ID Tags
100% solid Sterling Silver pet tags & solid Swarovski® Crystal tags in many classic shapes and even some great crystal colors.

Regular Shapes
Pet ID Tags
The plain shapes you see everywhere, but now with cool designer engraving options that let you express your pet's personality.

Is Your Pet a “Brass Paw™ Pet”?
Take this Test, and Find Out!
A "Brass Paw Pet"...  
  Demands and Gets Everything Thinks They are Taking YOU for a Walk
  Enjoys & Expects the Finer Things in Life Knows the Perfect Doggie Face to Use for
  Is a Total "Princess" (or "Stud") Treats, Hugs, and to Get Away with Anything
  Is a Cuddly Bundle of Trouble Plays Your Heart Strings Like a Violin
If you can check off more than 2 or 3 of these, then your pet is DEFINITELY a Brass Paw Pet!

Shopping Suggestions Based on Your Pet's Score:

You were able to check off 2-3 items on the list:
Your Pet Considers Themselves to Be a... Very Loved Companion
Your lovable pooch would be ecstatic to have any pet id tag we carry with custom engraving options.

You were able to check off 4-5 items on the list:
Your Pet Considers Themselves to Be a... Spoiled Furry Family Member
Your super-loved spoiled furry family member gets lots of attention, and loves being adored, envied, and revered by other owners and pets alike. Only items with lots of attention grabbing sparkle will do for your pet. Try a designer pet id tag personalized with an extra special message.

You were able to check off pretty much all items on the list:
Your Pet Considers Themselves to Be a... Regular Person, Only With More Beautiful Fur
Your pampered, overly spoiled, style-savvy, attention demanding furry person can be hard to please, but you can still surprise them with a beautiful Sterling Silver engraved pet tag that will make them jump for joy.